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Things That Are Not The Middle

TV Series | UK | In Development

Things That Are Not The Middle is the Tinder-age answer to Ally McBeal, multicultural London’s response to HBO’s Girls. At the show’s centre is Mari, a German woman in London. By day, she’s a total boss leading crew on music videos. By night, she’s swiping her way to true love. New to dating apps at 29, how do you cope with disposable dating when everyone you meet is The One?

Mari‘s Irish-American flatmate Lizzie is an ambitious prosthetics makeup artist, and her closest confident. Cool, tough, she’s always quick with a joke- anything to avoid talking about her feelings.

Joining them in their little flat is South London boy Mo. Growing up on the rough edges of the city, he got “minted” through web coding, but worries he’s betraying his roots. He’s ‘too cool’ for social media, or is he just too shy?

Mari swipes her way through half of London, but she’s haunted by Caspi – the gorgeous Indian-British hipster with a v-neck deeper than he is. There’s something real between him and Mari that they can’t quite shake, but he’s more likely to give you an STD than a text back.

This show is based on entirely true experiences, things we haven’t even told our friends. It’s a foreskin breaking during sex, it’s the internal battle over when to ask for lube, it’s good and it’s bad, but it’s definitely not the middle.